Inject Speed and Efficiency into your Accounts Payable Department with Document Automation.

June 25, 2023 || FCTEC

Manual, painful, time-consuming, complicated. Say goodbye to the accounts payable gauntlet.

Company name, invoice number, total amount, date. And repeat. And again. Most finance departments experience the complex tedium of having to manually enter data to ensure that systems and information are up-to-date and compliant. It’s an essential task, but a boring one that can introduce errors, take up unnecessary time, potentially increase staff turnover, and delay payments.

  • You want to know how to inject speed into your accounts payable processes and data management while increasing data quality, efficiency, and compliance.
  • You want to know how to shift out of manual gear and create an environment within which your skilled teams can thrive without losing data capture momentum.

In short, you want an accounts payable transformation. A breakthrough.

Which is precisely where automation comes in. It transforms accounts payable processes, reduces the headaches felt by admin clerks as they deal with punishing workloads and data capture demands, and allows for your teams to innovate rather than implement.

The technology available today can rapidly capture information with exceptional efficiency. It doesn’t rest, it doesn’t get bored, and it can manage complex tables and invoices without compromising on accuracy.

It is exactly what FCTEC brings to your business.

FCTEC’s intelligent data capture, electronic document and records management, artificial intelligence (AI), and low-code solutions are designed to eliminate manual document processing. FCTEC’s leading enterprise intelligent document processing solution delivers automated data entry and invoice automation capabilities, instantly. Combined, they are an unstoppable value-add that will transform your accounts payable expectations.

These highly capable and proven automation solutions will help you re-imagine what it means to manage invoices, credit notes, statements and more.

FCTEC provides you with technology that frees your skilled people from the tedium of manual processing by automating the process. It makes life easier while achieving impressive accuracy and efficiency.

By centralising your invoice data in one location and providing you with a single pane of glass visibility into accounting resources and data, you also gain richer control over your data and you can fundamentally reshape how it can be used to drive innovation and process efficiencies.

FCTEC removes the challenges that traditionally slow departments down and replaces them with a lower cost per invoice, timely payments, speedier data processing and more productive and engaged employees. Our packaged software solution is capable of processing 600% more invoices per day, takes 36 seconds to process an invoice, takes less than a minute to validate, and has provided customers with a proven 200% bottom line growth. When combined with FCTEC’s BPO and implementation expertise, it is a lasting digital and automation solution that allows for your organisation to thrive in the digital era with increased efficiencies, improved data-driven decision making, and revitalised internal and legal compliance.

Want to know how? Need to know more? Visit FCTEC and turn manual processes into automated success.