November 10, 2021 || FCTEC

Digitise, digitise, digitise! But what if your source material are not just straight forward documents?

The digital transformation era is upon us, and it is clear what the benefits are of making your dormant paper-based data alive and accessible. It is all the hype in tech publications and business to business services. Across many industries, organisations are aware that to get ahead they need a well-functioning document management system. The healthcare industry need to digitise patient records to be accessible in an emergency. The legal industry needs to be able to access and be able to search information stored on paper to comply to legal requirements. Financial services must be able to access records over long periods without having to manually go through reams of information stored on paper documents. The list is endless and the benefits more so.

But what if your content is not on paper? What if you need information that is preserved on microfilm, microfiche or aperture cards? What if we are talking about large format area maps? Or a very common problem – information bound in books. Suddenly your digitisation project became a digitsation problem. Although many companies offer services digitising your organisation’s documents, finding someone with the expertise, equipment, and solutions to digitise irregular content, is not as common.

FCTEC has over 20 years’ experience in the digitisation industry. We have partnered with digitasation leaders all over the world and have access to the latest technology needed to bring your data back to life.

Our scan bureau is the most advanced on the African continent and we use cutting edge digitisation software to accompany our state-of-the-art scanners.

We pride ourselves in being able to digitise any form of content. Our microform scanners can capture your data at the highest possible resolution. While scanning, your content is indexed according your pre-determined requirements, converted into the format you need and our software adds a text layer using OCR (optical character recognition) technology so that your data is searchable for easy access.

Bound content is not an issue either. You hand us your collection and specify your needs and we will turn that content into searchable digital documents, in organised folders, arranged according to the pages in the original books.

Large format can mean many things. Whether it is artworks for reproduction, area maps, building plans, technical drawings – we can digitise it. In each case the requirements are unique. An artist will need their digital artworks to be true to the original colour and quality. Our large format scanners can detect depth and using state of the art cameras and lighting from all angles, can replicate the 3D effect of your artworks’ texture. Maps are often longer than standard paper sizes, and the content is very detailed. We can digitise those sizes at a resolution so high, you will be able to zoom into any area to clearly see the smallest detail.

In the past, the go-to technology used to preserve documents, records, and images, were microfilm. Our manufacturers have made leaps in advancement since, and the equipment used to preserve material is no longer bound to microform. The problem organisations now face is to convert those previously stored content to survive into the next digital age. The equipment we use can do that at such a high quality that your microform content can be digitally available and accessible from anywhere, by anyone. Whatever shape or form your content is in, instead of keeping that data in boxes, bring it back to life and make the content accessible with the click of a button.

Since 2000, our mission has been to find better ways to assist organisations with process optimisation and digitisation. It is our belief that knowledge needs to be preserved for the future and we are committed to finding and implementing the best technologies to make that a reality for your organisation.

With an in-depth understanding of how applied technology benefits business, coupled with the world’s most awarded technology, we are perfectly positioned to provide the most advanced enterprise content management solutions. Data is valuable if it is both relevant and accessible in a timely fashion.

As work processes become increasingly efficient, the need has grown for information to be distributed and shared rapidly and accurately. Our goal is to partner with you and to ensure that our technologies and expertise offer solutions that save you time and money.

Businesses typically create, review, use, file or dispose of tons of paper documentation daily. We specialise in developing seamless access and data retrieval management systems:

• instant access to documentation from virtually anywhere • compliant with record-keeping regulations and corporate governance • password protected at multiple security levels

We are the appointed distribution partner for the world’s leading scanning technology and software brands and services.