April 01, 2022 || FCTEC

The SCAMAX 6×1 scans according to FADGI three star and iso 19264 -1 level B standards. That sounds pretty technical at first. And it is. But it is also quite ingenious and a great advantage for users.

FADGI and ISO 19264 are the two most important digitisation standards. They show us how close the digital scan is to the original analogue document. Or how good the image quality of a scanner is in terms of colour fidelity, resolution, distortion or image noise. This makes the scan quality of a scanner measurable. But why is high image quality so important when scanning? And for whom?

When archiving cultural and historical documents, image quality is crucial: These can be important literary manuscripts or even large archives of historical value. The aim is to make documents available to the world and to posterity. Usually, because the originals are stored centrally and cannot be released, or because they are not made to last forever and are decaying or becoming fragile.

When scanning such documents, FADGI- and ISO-compliant scanners are not only an advantage, but often mandatory. Scans of insufficient image quality would not only be annoying, but in some instances unusable or can even contribute to falsifying history. Just think of distorted scans of artistic sketches, old construction plans or technical documents. But first-class image quality is also enormously important for other scanning applications, such as mailing room applications and incoming mail.

If a company scans tens or hundreds of thousands of letters every day, something needs to happen to these scans. They should be sorted, archived, assigned or evaluated according to their content. This should be done as quickly as possible, without errors and, above all, automatically, without the use of human intelligence and manpower. This is done using OCR, which means the software recognises letters or barcodes and reads out the scans. However, this only works reliably and automatically is the scans are available in the best image quality.

In addition to our well-known “perfect document technology”, quality levels according to FADGI and iso also ensure the OCR application can work optimally and significantly increase process efficiency. So when choosing your scanning solution, always look for top scan quality. Preferably in accordance with FADGI or ISO 19264. This will give you the greatest possible process reliability.

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